Don’t wait! Get your Road-eo Teams and volunteers registered now!


Don’t wait! Get your Road-eo Teams and volunteers registered now!


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Last Update:  3/14/2019
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From the NTAPT executive board

Here are just a few reminders:

Four reasons to join the NTAPT

1. Great People

2. Interesting presentations

3. Great Food

4. Raffle every month

Four reasons your NTAPT dues must be paid by November 1st 2018

1. To be eligible to vote in NTAPT elections.

2. Your district’s eligibility in the 2019 bus road-e-o/

3. To be included in the 2018-2019 NTAPT membership directory.

4. Proud you are in student transportation services.

Welcome from our TAPT President Amy Scopac & The NTAPT Executive Committee

See you in Wylie on April 11 @ 10:30am

    951 S. Ballard St, Wylie, Tx  75098